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The Colosseum is a spectacle worth exploring      

Italy provides an unique collection of venues that will astound, amuse, and enthrall you.  Rome, Florence and, especially, Venice are extremely popular destinations. Examine our guides to these iconic cities and discover the best places to visit.

World-class attractions, renowned museums, and  glorious scenery await you throughout Italy - that is if you every tire of eating in this culinary hotspot. Don't get us started on the "dolce" or our encounters with the yummiest gelato ever - in Florence.

  The variety of gelato in Italy is wonderfully amazing


London is an attractive destination at night and during the day

See our London Travel Guide to begin your exploration of the Best Places to Visit this amazing city. 

While London is captivating, why not spread your visit around the United Kingdom and explore the best castles in England, Scotland and Wales?


Visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle is a highlight of a trip to Germany

Germany offers beauty and diversity in abundance. From elegant castles to vibrant cities, Germany is fast becoming the face of modern Europe. Click here for our guide to the best places to visit in Germany.

Paris     The Montmartre area in Paris is yet another reason to visit the City of Light

Paris, known as the City of Light, is an enchanting destination known for  its scenic avenues, cozy lanes, fantastic museums and landmark architecture. Did we mention food and shopping?

Read our  Guide to the Best Places to Visit in Paris for recommendations on the don't miss highlights of this romantic city.

Trip Planning and The Travel Funnel

There are many things to decide when considering travel including destinations, lodging, sights to see, time allocation, travel goals, and touring safety.  We think of these decision making processes as a travel funnel.  If you make good choices, a wonderful trip drops from the funnel,  If not, well, you get the picture.  Travel is always better when you use trusted sources.  ThereArePlaces provides all of the information that you need to create superior choices for vacation travel.


Travel 2017 - A Time for Caution

Travel today, whether by land, sea or air, may be dangerous throughout the world, but especially so in portions of Europe, the Middle East, and some areas in Asia.

We recommend that travelers review country-specific security issues by checking on the advisability of foreign travel with the agency in your nation that is responsible for providing travel guidance to the public, especially on topics such as "travel warnings or cautions."

Please note that our expression of concern is prompted by an abundance of caution for your safety. If you are uncomfortable with potential terrorism or political situations in any geographic location, then, you should avoid any travel that could possibly expose you to danger, regardless of the destination.


Dubrovnik, a walled city, is one of the gems of Croatia

Use our Website to Plan Where  to Visit and How to Travel

We recommend the best places to visit - a select set of countries that are known for their attractiveness to tourists and relative ease of travel.  We help ease the decisions for you by recommending the leading tourist attractions in the travel destinations we cover.

Click  to discover the countries, cities and regions we recommend in Europe, Asia, The Pacific, and North America.


For information on a specific destination or other "Things Travelers Need To Know" try Googling ThereArePlaces.

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Everyone Needs Useful Travel Planning Tips

Travel planning can be daunting, if you let it get the best of you.  The team at ThereArePlaces has been "smartened up" by millions of miles in the air and on the road. 

During our travels we have made almost every travel mistake possible.  Eventually we learned how to avoid common travel blunders and how to bypass the travel "gotcha's" that can take the fun out of touring.  Our section "Things Travelers Need To Know"  provides our recommended best practices for travelling safe and  well.  It includes:

  • the advice you need to plan your trip, and
  • recommendations you may need to negotiate potential problems while on the road.

We cover using foreign money, passports and visas, thoughts on buying the right luggage, ideas for packing clothes, hints for map use and useful tips on travel topics. We provide hundreds of travel advice articles and each is direct and to the point. Click to see the list of articles covered in our information guides for travel planning.






If you need information about another travel destination, try our Destination Guide Index  or Googling ThereArePlaces.

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The new World Trade Center is a spectacular addition to the New York skyline

New York, New York, It is a wonderful town!

2017's Most Popular Places to Visit

United Kingdom
New Zealand
Other Countries


2017's Top City Travel Destinations

New York
Hong Kong


Egypt - Land of Antiquities

The Colossi of Ramesses II at the Temple of Karnak

Many travelers are interested in Egypt and its famed antiquities, but due to the current unrest in Egypt,  we recommend armchair travel as the safest and best way to experience the Land  of the Pharaohs. 

If you are interested in "discovering" the best places to visit in  Egypt, you can do so by paging through our photo-rich guide to the marvels of travel in Egypt. 

If you still want to make the trip regardless of the challenges, our Egypt Guide will help you enjoy your visit.


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