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You know you are not going to skip any meals while you are on vacation.  As a matter of fact, you may indulge in a few extra snacks!  A light diet before you go may give you extra energy on your trip and some room to enjoy those delightful treats that keep popping up during travel. 



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Travel Advice - If you need it, diet before you go

One of the most common and undesirable results of the vacation highlife is weight gain. Most vacationers overeat while indulging in rich, high calorie, high carbohydrate foods. After all, vacations are for enjoying!

You can diet after you return from your trip when you have the requisite amount of guilt to start a diet, diet before your departure, or eat sensibly while on vacation. We are not going to spend any time recommending that you eat sensibly on vacation: it's not a battle worth fighting. Vacations are a time to refresh, renew, and experience what the world has to offer. If good eating is a focus of your vacation, get to it.

If you are concerned about vacation induced weight gain, dieting before you start the vacation is a very sensible approach. Doing so allows you to start your vacation in good shape, with lots of energy and “room to grow”. Dieting before you start also has the benefit of reducing your appetite and may lead you to consume less of those “sinful” calories while on vacation.

Dieting after your vacation is less beneficial but still sensible. Not dieting at all means that you are going to haul more weight into the next year and the next vacation.

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