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ThereArePlaces   tips on travel health are designed  to show you how to stay healthy  while traveling abroad.  In addition, we provide advice that could help you be prepared should  illness strike on the road.


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Travel Tips and Travel Advice:  Healthy Travel at home and abroad

Key Articles

A first aid kit for travelers   Here's how to put together a small kit that contains just enough to get you through minor emergencies.

Avoid bacteria - keep your hands clean during travel     This article describes the use of hand sanitizers and other methods that provide protection against bacterial infections.

Be wary of jet lag    Passengers on most international flights suffer from some degree of jet lag.   We discuss the "whys" of jet lag and offer some recommendations for counteracting it during travel.  We also provide  a link to a second article that demonstrates why you want to do your best to avoid jet lag.

Diet before you go   We know it's a rotten way to prepare for a vacation but losing a few pounds before you depart will  let you dive into those great meals on vacation, while avoiding the guilt and tight fitting clothes.

Travel Immunizations  Travel medicine is an important issue especially when traveling to less well-developed countries.  We recommend finding a specialist in travel medicine and offer some hints on where to find that kind of advice.

What's safe to eat - where?       If you are headed to a developing country, be sure to follow our recommendations about the food types and food preparation techniques to avoid.

Is the water safe to drink?         In developed countries, the answer is yes.  In developing countries you need to exercise caution.  We provide several recommendations on what to drink and what to avoid when traveling in areas of questionable sanitation .

Medical assistance abroad    How do you find an English speaking doctor or dentist when you are traveling internationally?  Follow our recommendations.

Prescription medications  If you take prescription medications, follow our guidelines to make sure that you don't run out during vacation.

Things you should know about the Zika virus disease   Zika is a virus spread by the bite of a type of mosquito.  While most travelers infected with Zika have no or few sympton, exposure to this disease should be avoided by pregnant women, as Zika can cause microencephaly and other birth defects in the fetus.

The Chikungunya Virus and Travel The Ckikungunya virus disease is yet another mosquito-related virus that can cause great discomfort.  Find out its symptoms, where it occurs and how to avoid.

Steps you can take to avoid bird flu during travel      The Bird Flu (H5N1) has taken a back seat to H1N1 (formerly known as the Swine Flu), but it still has the potential to  turn into the world's next great flu pandemic.  We describe steps that you can take to help avoid contracting bird flu during travel in infected areas. 

Travel Insurance    Most travelers are not prepared for emergencies that might strike during travel.  If your vacation destination is outside of the U.S., you should consider the benefits of travel insurance.  We describe the issues to consider, as well as the types of coverage available.

Wear a hat and carry sunscreen   A bad case of sunburn can make your vacation miserable.  Take our advice on hats and sunscreen lotions that can really protect your skin.

What to do when diarrhea strikes   Diarrhea is the most common traveler ailment.  We provide recommendations on what to do if you contract it, as well as precautions that may help you avoid the "trots".

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Good to know

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)  DVT is a condition caused by a blood clot that forms in "deep veins" , which can lead to serious medical problems.  Our interest in DVT is that it may be occur as the result of inactivity during long, international flights. Read our article to understand how to prevent its occurrence.

Foot and shoe care during travel  Sightseeing often involves a great deal of walking. Take some time to read our article on shoe and foot care and, then, walk to your heart's delight.

Nuclear Pharmacy Services   Nuclear Medical testing can produce externally detectable radiation for up to a month after testing.  The radiation can be enough  to set up security sensors.  Read our article to find out what you need to do if you are going to travel by air after nuclear testing.

Pace yourself  Vacations are not marathons!  Pace your activities to enjoy your travels.

Public health information   The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) provide great resources on health issues of interest to travelers.  Read our overview of how these sites can be off assistance to you.

The quality of drinking water on airplanes   The EPA is charged with monitoring water quality on commercial airline flights.  Read this article to find out what they found and why you might want to avoid "tap" water on airplanes.

Wash those hands  Washing your hands frequently during travel is good advice that we cover in our article on clean hands, here we focus on good hand washing technique as recommended by the CDC. 

May be of interest

Ear discomfort and flying   Earaches often result from sudden cabin pressure changes while flying. ThereArePlaces provides several recommendations that will help keep your ears "feeling good" while flying.

Handling that grimy public bathroom door     Want to get in or out of the restroom and avoid touching the grimy doors on  public bathrooms? Follow the tips in our article.

Vacationing means walking  You will be on your feet, moving about, and using a lot of energy on your vacation.  A  light walking schedule during the weeks preceding your vacation will help build you up for all that touring you have planned.

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