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Get those "dawgs and tootsies" ready for extended duty. Vacations can be walkathons and you need to get your feet  ready for the trip.   Be sure to wear good quality walking or running styles of shoes.



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Travel Advice - Vacationing means walking

Vacations generally involve walking, more than any other activity. If walking will be a mainstay of your next trip, plan a light, walking regimen in preparation for your vacation.

Take a moderate to brisk walk three times a week starting four weeks before you leave. Pace yourself!  Walk 20 minutes a day on three days of the first week, extending this to 25 minutes on three days of the second week, and take 25 to 30 minute walks  three days a week for the next two weeks.

In preparation, for your walking exercise, follow these guidelines:

1) Invest in a good quality pair of running or walking shoes

2) Make sure these shoes fit correctly [no foot slip inside the shoe, the shoe is longer than your longest toe by one half the width of your thumb and does not allow your ankle to roll]

3) Remember to stretch before and after you walk

4) Make sure you to break in your new shoes by wearing them on these walks, well before your trip (see our article on foot and shoe care).

Taking a little time to condition yourself will help to make your vacation less tiring while making you more energetic.

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