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"Cross packing" is just what it sounds like. Diversify your clothes across your luggage in case some of your luggage is lost.  No, this does not mean carrying your dirty clothes in one suitcase and the clean ones in the other.  What if they lose the clean ones?  Read our article for details.


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Travel Advice - Diversify clothes across luggage

If you and your companion are traveling by common carrier and bringing more than one suitcase, break the mold and cross pack your clothes.

  •  Cross packing means to distribute some of each person’s clothes in each suitcase.
  • Usually, everyone packs their own case and includes only their clothes.
    • If you cross pack your clothes and one of the bags is lost, each of you will still have something to wear while you wait for lost bags to arrive.

We will admit that cross packing is inconvenient (although, sometimes humorous) but it takes little effort and can pay big benefits if your luggage is lost. If you cannot convince yourself to do a complete cross pack, then make sure that you put a couple of complete outfits (complete outfits means to pack underwear, socks, pants and a fresh shirt or blouse) in the other person’s case.

While we are on the topic of packing, if you are carrying more than one bag, make sure to distribute your goods by splitting categories of clothes and toiletries into both suitcases.

  • In addition, diversify so that you do not have all of your casual clothes in one case and all of your formal clothes in the other.
  • Taking these precautions may seem unnecessary but once you lose a suitcase, you will think about this advice and wonder why you did not follow it.


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