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Luggage and Packing

Be sure to place personalized luggage tags on your bags before heading to the airport.  While the temporary tags the airlines provide will last a while, we recommend tags with greater durability.


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Travel Advice - Luggage identification tags

Before and after flying, check that your personal identification tags remain attached to your luggage. Nametags often fall off during luggage handling.

  • The free identification tags provided by the airlines are designed for temporary use and are easily dislodged.
    • We recommend use of “temporary” tags only when no other alternative is available.
  • The most durable identification tags are those that fit in the small Identification card pockets embedded in the surface of luggage.
  • Tags looped around handles provide some security but are eventually torn off during luggage handling at airports.
  • Leather tag holders designed for looping around handles are more durable than those made of plastic.

Once you have arrived at your destination, make sure to remove the destination routing  tags that were taped to your bags at flight check-in.   On your return home, you do not want your bag sent to the wrong location.





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