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How do you get all of those dirty clothes back in the suitcase?  In addition,  how do you avoid mixing them with your clean clothes if you have a few more stops before you return home?  Washing them would be too easy.  Read our article for some suggestions on repacking dirty clothes.


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Travel Advice - Repacking dirty clothes

All travelers place worn clothes back in their luggage and mix them with clean clothes. In order to avoid contaminating your clean clothing, repack soiled clothes in sealable, plastic bags (any plastic bag that you can close with a “twist tie” or other fastener).

Fold or roll your dirty clothes for repacking the same way you prepared them for the trip (you did read our article on packing?). Unfolded, dirty laundry generally takes up more space than folded laundry. So, be prepared to fold and twist it into as small a package as possible.


If you forget to bring plastic bags to wrap the clothes, check your hotel closet: use the dry cleaning bags to pack your dirty laundry. Alternatively, plastic shopping bags can serve as laundry bags but are usually a little difficult to seal. Be sure to bring a few “twist ties” to seal the bags to keep the “laundry” odor enclosed and out of contact with your clean clothing.

  • Finally, take one of the wrapped, bars of soap from the hotel and place it among your dirty clothes to improve their attitude!

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