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You are sitting in a nice plaza in Europe, enjoying the afternoon and the ambiance of your destination. Someone strikes up a conversation and tells you he/she has a great deal for you.  Stop, remember the counsel we provided in this article and walk away.


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Travel Advice -  Recognizing and avoiding con artists

When you are traveling, avoid mentioning personal and travel details during conversations with strangers. The person that you are talking with could be another traveler or a thief planning to make you their next target.

If you are befriended by someone who suggests that the two of you head off for some destination unknown to you, beg off and return to an area of safety such as your hotel.

  • We are not suggesting that making friends on a trip is always dangerous, only that you should exercise caution.
  •  If you were approached by a person at home who stuck up a conversation and suggested that they give you a ride across town, would your accept their offer?
    • We thought not, so don’t have a change of heart while traveling.


If someone approaches you and indicates that they can give you the best tour of the city, demur and indicate that you are have already booked a guide or do not need one.

  • The person may be on the up-and-up but why take an unnecessary risk?
  •  If you need the services of a guide, usually one can be arranged by your hotel, a tourist office, or the attraction that you are visiting.

Perhaps the most insidious con man is the one who approaches you and tells you that they have access to the highest quality goods at bargain prices.

  • The deal will always involve something that is the specialty of the area and will generally be rugs, watches, leather coats, or fine jewelry.
  • Watch your wallet! If it seems too good to be true, it is!
    • If these deals are so good, why do they have to come to find you? People should be flocking to them.
    • Often, the goods are of inferior quality.
    • Sometimes the goods require shipping (of course, they must be ordered from the factory) and never arrive.
    • Sometimes there is nothing to sell and they are setting you up for a robbery.

Do your shopping where everyone else shops.

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