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During international travel you frequently need to use your passport for identification, as well as travel.  Do everything you can to safeguard your passport.  Create a copy of your passport's Passport Identification Pages just in case


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Travel Advice -   Copy your Passport Identification Pages

Prior to departing on an international trip, make a copy of the passport Identification Pages on the inside cover of your passport (these are the two pages that include your photograph and your detailed passport information).  Possessing a copy of the official information will not serve as a replacement for a passport lost while traveling abroad but will facilitate initiating a passport replacement request at a U.S. Embassy.  (Read our article on replacing a lost passport.)


Figure 1.   The Passport Identification Pages.  The figure shows the passport Identification Pages in your passport that you should copy and carry with you while traveling. (This is an expired passport that contains  fictional, personal information for purposes of illustration).

Make two copies of the passport Identification Pages.  Leave one copy at home (with your family or a close friend) and take the other with you.  Keep the copy in your money belt or other secure place (see our articles on Identification security and money belts )


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