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Most of us travel and give little thought to carrying identification for either ourselves or our belongings.  We recommend the use of "information tags" to identify you  and your belongings. 


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Travel Advice -   Identification security                                          

ThereArePlaces recommends that you keep information tags to identify you and your belongings in case of a travel emergency.

Make your own information tags using a small piece of paper (e.g. we use 3” x 3” square notepad sheets) identified with your name address and a contact telephone number.

  • Be sure to put one in your wallet, money belt, luggage, and a couple in the clothing that you are wearing (e.g. in a pockets in your pants and a jacket pocket).
  • Use smaller tags with the same information taped to the bottom of your camera, camera case, and other similarly sized valuables.

Take spare, blank information tags with you on your trip. If you are going to be in a destination for several days, prepare a couple of information tags with your name and the name, address and telephone number of your hotel.

  •  If you accidentally leave something behind at lunch or in a cab, there is a reasonably good chance that someone will contact the hotel with news about your missing item.


Although many people are hesitant to carry identification tags, consider the alternative.

  • If you should accidentally lose an item, such as a camera, it is impossible for anyone to return the item to you or even associate the item with you unless the item has a card identifying you as the owner.
  • Attaching an identification tag providing your local contact information may result in the item being returned to your hotel and of use to you during the trip.

Hotel notepads make great identification tags. They come printed with the hotel name, logo, address, and telephone number.

  • Simply add your name and a note that you can be reached at the hotel. Stuff one in your wallet, camera case or any other valuable.
  •  If you do not speak the local language, have someone at the hotel write “please return to this address “on the note pad in the local language to increase the odds of items being returned to you.


Tags made from hotel notepads are of great help when trying to tell a taxi driver who does not speak English, the name and location of your hotel (see taking a Taxi).

Identification tags are good security in case the unexpected strikes and you are incapacitated.

  • Put an ID tag in your wallet where someone else is likely to find it in the case of an emergency.
  • Make this tag a dual use tag. Provide a contact number for use if the wallet is lost.
  • Provide an emergency number of a relative or friend who can be of assistance, should you need it.

Finally, be sure to remove the “local tags” when you depart for another destination.

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