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Keeping your money safe and secure while on vacation is hard work.   We provide  recommendations for keeping track of your money and your credit cards. 


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Travel Advice -  Money security while traveling

When you are walking in crowds and see someone giving people the top to bottom scan, watch out.  They are looking for bulges indicating the location of wallets or valuables.

  • Carry money, passport, traveler checks, ATM cards, credit cards, airline tickets, and additional identification in your money belt.
  • Carry the cash you need for the day and personal identification in your wallet. Store the wallet in one of your front pants pockets.
    • Some travelers wrap rubber bands around their wallet, claiming that the rubber bands make it more difficult for a pickpocket to remove the wallet from the pocket.

If you carry a purse, carry it across your chest away from the curb, not hanging from a shoulder towards the curb.


Do not show large amounts of money or be seen spending it in a cavalier manner.

  •  Either action signals thieves that you could be a lucrative target.

Do not carry your credit cards or ATM cards in your wallet.

  • Keep them out of sight in your money belt.
  • If you need to retrieve something from your money belt, head to a restroom, enter a stall, and extract it while hidden from view.
  • Do not expose your money belt to public view.

Keep a close watch on your credit card during any transaction.

  • When the card is returned to you after a charge at a restaurant or hotel, make sure that the card you have been given is your card.
  • After use of the card, return it to your money belt as soon as possible.

Always keep a pocket filled with small change to handle minor purchases.

  • Use this technique to avoid showing your wallet and revealing where you keep it stored.

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