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Single-travel can be loads of fun but it requires that you pay extra attention to your security.  Follow our recommendations to enhance your security.


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Travel Advice -   Traveling alone? 

If you will be traveling alone on vacation, you will need to take extra precautions for your safety. Like it or not, a single person is a more attractive target for pickpockets or thieves than a person in a group.

Single travelers should always be aware of their surroundings when walking.

  • While strolling, look beyond the people immediately surrounding you, observe people in  the second, and third tier away.
  •  If you consistently see the same face in the background, be cautious and seek assistance or take a taxi to your destination.

Ask your hotel concierge or owner about crime in the neighborhood surrounding the hotel and for information about areas that you should avoid while touring the city.

  • If you are considering walking to your destination, specifically ask if the area you are heading towards is safe for walking.

When touring the city, pay attention to your sense of security.

  • If you are on edge or have a feeling that someone is watching you, immediately evacuate to a place where you feel safe.


Single travelers should be especially careful about traveling after dinner or in the late evening hours.

  • We recommend that you have the restaurant call a taxi for your return to the hotel. If you are unable to call for a taxi from a show or exhibit, ask the staff  where you can find a taxi and ask them if they could call one for you.

When in your hotel, be sure to lock and bolt the door.

  • Do not open your door without looking through the security lens (the circular lens in the door for viewing the hallway and any visitors to you doorway).
  • If the person at your door is unknown to you, deny them entry. If they indicate that they are from the hotel, call the desk to determine the facts of the matter.

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