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Luggage is most often stolen at arrival halls when jet-lagged passengers  from international flights forget the principles of luggage management.  Read our review to find out how to protect your luggage from theft.


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Travel Advice -  Protect your luggage by keeping a eye on it

Luggage thieves create distractions to allow them to seal your luggage and airports are full of opportunites to help them relieve you of your belongings. Criminals prey on passengers arriving on international flights because the arriving passenger is likely to be jet lagged and inattentive. In addition, newly arrived passengers are thinking about arranging transportation, finding a cash machine, gathering their party, and getting on with the rest of their vacation.

  • Unfortunately, leaving the Arrivals Hall is the time you need to be most vigilant about your luggage.
    • Luggage thieves are experienced and know that travelers will not be on-alert at Arrival Halls.

Many travelers  fail to put their bags in front of them and, instead, place their luggage to the side or slightly behind them. If you let your bags out of sight or out of “feel” there is a good chance that a thief will decide that your bag is the one that they will take.

  • For example, placing your carryon between your feet while waiting for your other bags to arrive provides a little extra security, as you will "feel" it if anyone tries to remove the carryon.


Practice bag management.

  •  Make sure that someone in your party (and not a kid) is charged with watching the bags and not wandering off while you collect the rest of the luggage.
  • Once you move out of the arrival hall, make sure that your bags remain in front of you at all times.
  •  If you have to approach a counter, place your bags between you and the counter.
  • If you have to place a call at a pay phone, place the bags between you and the phone.
  • Do not turn your back on your bags or they may wind up with a new owner.

Do not lay your purse, travel bag, or camera on top of your luggage.

  • Doing so provides a great opportunity for theft.
  • In addition, anything loose might fall off when crossing "bumpy" passages or when you hoist your luggage to enter your transportation.

Finally, when departing a hotel do not leave your luggage in the vestibule, if you stop to eat breakfast or chat.  A friend of ours did just this recently and her bags went on a bus tour of England - unfortunately she was headed to the United States.

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