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Travel Advice - Some Bed and Breakfast experiences

Although we enjoy Bed and Breakfast accommodations, they do not have the  standard experience or environment that  one experiences when staying at  major hotel chains  Below we describe three encounters at B&B's that were not what we expected but  did not detract from our enjoyment of the accommodation.  You may run into minor problems like we describe here or you may have no problems at all, as has been our experience with the majority of B & Bs  we have booked.

1.  We booked what turned out to be a wonderful B&B in Inverness, Scotland. It had taken less time to drive to Inverness than we had calculated and we decided to check-in right away and see the town. When we arrived at our B&B, we were greeted by a dour woman who seemed put out that we were there. Based on our welcome, we thought that we had made a major mistake in choosing to stay at the accommodation.

It turned out that our hostess had a good reason for her behavior, as we had overlooked the note on our itinerary indicating that we had been requested not to check in until 2 PM. When we realized our mistake, we apologized.

The rest of the stay was quite enjoyable. The proprietress was a great host, suggested good restaurants for dinner, and served a delectable breakfast. Our room was beautiful, tidy, and comfortable.

2. In a spectacular thatch-roofed B& B in the Cotswold’s, UK, my spouse woke to the sound a cat rumbling - in her ear. The cat, whom we had met at check-in, had jumped through the window in the middle of the night(no window screens in the UK), climbed onto my back, and started giving me a deep back massage. Of course, I slept through the whole encounter until woken and told there was a cat on my back. Apparently, I had made a friend, as the cat sat outside the door when I arose to use the bathroom and, then, accompanied me back to bed.

3.  Finally, we stayed at a comfortable B and B in the Lake District of England. Our room was ensuite with the toilet accessible through a folding, door. The toilet area was so small that you had to drop your trousers and take a seat with the door open. Only then were you able to close the door for some privacy. Talk about close companionship!

Of course, we got to laughing about the room, imagining the  some of our friends trying to fit into this  "closet" toilet. In all other respects, however, this B and B was a great place to stay.

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