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Hotels and Lodging

ThereArePlaces articles  on Lodging  provide you with travel tips and travel planning insights related to  selecting places to stay during your journeys.

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Things you need to know when choosing: Hotels or other Accommodations

Key Articles

Book reservations early  Finally made those vacation plans?  Still months before you leave? If so, now is the time to make reservations.

Choosing Hotels   Planning a trip to a world class city?  We provide general guidelines for choosing a hotel that will help balance expense with lodging preferences.  If you don't have any preferences, we provide a few for your consideration.

Personal safety during hotel stays  You are in charge of your safety in hotels or other lodgings. Read our recommendations to increase your safety and peace of mind.

Room unavailable  When you arrive at the hotel, your reserved room is unavailable.  What should you do?  We provide several recommendations.

Good to know

Are "Bed And Breakfasts" for you?  "Bed and Breakfasts" can be great places to stay, but you should know that they differ from hotels in significant ways.  We provide an overview on the attraction of B & B's and explore whether they may be right for you on your next vacation.

Oh those ratings, what do all of those "stars" really mean?  Rating systems help us make decisions on restaurant selection, movies to see,  and a host of other purchasing decisions.  Online hotel rating systems may be a horse of a different color.  Our expose describes how you can confirm the hotel ratings used in online listings.

Room selection and location in hotels.  All hotel rooms are not created equal.   Read our article on or the best room locations before you book you next  hotel.

Traveling without room reservations.   Being "footloose" can be a great way to travel, but it does have a downside.  We review the issues you should consider before going "reservationless".

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