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We all think that having made a reservation guarantee us a room.  Unfortunately, hotels overbook and sometimes they do not have "your" room.  Read our recommendations on how to deal with this issue.


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Travel Advice - Sorry, about your reservation, but we do not have a room available

You arrive at your destination and head for the hotel where you have reserved a room. The desk clerk or owner tells you that there are no rooms available. What should you do?

First, you need to make sure that there has not been a mistake.

  • Provide your reservation confirmation. (You did include it on your list of travel details? - if not, see our articles on confirming reservations and written itineraries.)
  • Ask the agent to recheck the status of your reservation. If you are told that the hotel has overbooked and you have a reservation confirmation, remind them that they have an obligation to find you lodging of commensurate quality at no more than the price you agreed to pay.
  • In addition, they should provide transportation to the second hotel.

If you have prepaid the room, there is a stronger obligation to find you alternative lodging.

  • If they refuse, make sure that they cancel the charge, report them to the Better Business Bureau, and vote with your feet (i.e. never use them again).


If the hotel staff neither provides you a room nor arrange for a substitute at another hotel, you will have to initiate your own search.

  • In this case, you will need to find a telephone directory and call around.  Another suggestion is to look for a local tourist office whose personnel might assist you. 
  • If you have made your reservations through a travel agent, call  and have them find a place to for you to stay.
  • Be sure to have contact numbers for all companies that you have dealt with in making reservations for your travel.

Two additional strategies might improve your chances for snagging the room you have reserved.

  • If possible, try to arrive as soon as check-in is available on the day your reservation starts.
  • If you are a member of the hotel’s travel club,  remind them and they will try a little harder to accommodate you. 

We realize that room unavailability is irritating but losing your temper over it is non-productive. Blowing a gear may make you feel better but it will not increase your chances of finding lodging (and will likely embarrass those traveling with you).

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