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Maps and Guidebooks

While planning your trip you will collect maps, guides, and various  articles related to your journey.  Have you thought about how will you use this information on your trip?  We provide some recommendations for storing, organizing, and using travel information to your best advantage. 


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Travel Advice -  Use a travel folder to keep your travel materials organized.

When preparing for your trip, you will probably collect maps and articles from Internet sites and newspapers that contain information about your destination.

Assemble all of your travel materials in a folder to take with you.
  • We recommend using clear plastic, page sized,  folders that features a tie fastener.
    • Use of these folders cuts down on search time and lost materials.
      • Items can been seen  through the cover.
      • The tie keep items from accidentally slipping out of the folder. 
    • When we do not have our preferred folder handy, we just slip the material into a gallon freezer bag with a zip seal.
  • Arrange items in the folder in the order of the places you will visit  and clip them together for quick access.
  • Pack any travel maps you have purchased in this folder.
  • Store the folder in your carry-on luggage during travel for easy access.
  • We suggest that you consider cutting the pages out of your guidebook that refer to the destination of interest and keep them in this folder (see note below).
  • When we arrive at a new location, we remove the materials for that destination from our folder and keep them  in our pocket or backpack for ready reference.
    • Usually, we preplan the next day’s itinerary the previous evening and are able to arrange the materials in the order that we will use them during the next day's travel.
  • When we head for a new destination, we toss the materials that we have already used to lighten our load.


Why take only part of the guidebook?

We urge you to travel light.

Take the entire guidebook with you only if you will be visiting one destination (a city or small region) and the guidebook contains information describing only that location (for example, a Paris Guidebook.

If you are taking a multi-stop vacation and have bought a guidebook describing the whole country , why take the pages describing places you will not visit? Just take the pages describing the locations that you will visit and save the others for some future trip (in other words, leave them home).

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