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Maps and Guidebooks

Maps are chock full of interesting information.  European maps are treasure troves, containing many interesting places to see.  Now, if you just knew what some of those foreign language terms meant.  Well, we provide a translation of some terms that indicate sites of possible interest to you.


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Travel Advice - Names on European maps that might indicate areas of interest to tourist.

On those days when you want to explore and have no set itinerary, you may want to start the day by looking at your map. Names of places on maps  may serve as a method of identifying new opportunities for sightseeing.

Names for Central City areas, usually the sites of the “old town” and the best tourist attractions:

Central, Centrum, Centro

Names for palaces, castles, and fancy homes.

Castle, Castella, Kasteel, Chateau, Palace, Palais, Palazza

Names for churches and cathedrals

Abbaye, Cathédrale, Duomo, Église

Names for central markets and meeting places

Dam, Markt, Place, Plein ,Platz

Names for Museums

Museum, Musee, Museo

Names for parks

Park, Parco

Names for ports and harbors

Port, Porte

Names for sites of possible archaeological interest

Ruines, Ruine

Names for places of interest

Curiosités ,Curiosità, Sehenwürdigkeiten


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