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Can't figure out the town where your best vacation photos were taken?  Using the date stamp option on your camera might have prevented the problem.  We suggest using  the "folders" option to organize your photos by destination.


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What's this a picture of?

One of the problems you might encounter when returning from a trip is having a hard time matching your photographs with  the locations you visited.  A travel journal (see our articles Take travel notes and  Take travel notes: book or electronic) helps you keep track of where you have been on what day but even this may not be enough to help you identify the locations where you took the photos.

While many cameras offer the option to imprint the date on the image, usually the size of the data takes up a larger portion the image area than desirable and is distracting when you view the photos.  In some case, the date may obscure a desired background item.  Although you can crop the date off to make prints, we think this just adds one more reason why you might want to take a different approach.

If you use a stand-alone camera, the files used to store your images will include the time and date of their capture.  It is probably of benefit to set you stand-alone camera to the date and time zone in which the photos will be taken (this should match them with  your itinerary).

Another alternative is to create file folders using the camera software and storing pictures by folders named for  locations. Unfortunately,many people never take the time to learn how to do this with their digital camera.

We suggest you take the time to learn how to use your digital camera's file system, but if you do not, try to keep a written log of where you have been and associate the locations with a sequence number of the images shown on the camera display.


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