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Taking your vacation photos is only part of the battle.  You need to make sure that you shepherd the images through the development process   We provide some simple steps to help insure that your images are preserved to share with your family and friends.


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Travel Tips - Making sure you get to share those vacation photos

Digital images

When you return from your trip, your pictures will be stored either in your phone or on  compact memory cards, if you use a stand-alone camera.  This article is about what to do with the photos created and stored on memory cards from stand-alone cameras.

If you followed our recommendations, you should have several memory cards, each storing some subset of your vacation pictures (see our article on digital cameras).

  • Transfer the images from your memory cards to the hard disc on your computer, using the technique recommended by the manufacturer of your camera.
  • Before performing any image processing, write the pictures files from the computer's hard disc, a portable hard drive, or transfer them  to a CD,   DVD or use the Cloud to create a backup of the photos.
    •  Be sure that the duplicated files contain the images in their "raw," or native transfer format so that you have an archive of the pictures before you cropped, enhanced, or accidentally erased your original images.
    • Your CDs, DVDs and portable hard drives may not provide long-term archival storage.  You should rewrite the files (create new disks) every four years.  Even if you store them using Cloud storage, you would be well-advised to download some and inspect them from time to time to make  sure your provider has not accidentally corrupted your data.
    • If you store photos on CDs, DVDs or portable hard drives, these media are not safe from fire.  Do not store them in a fireproof safe, as the heat from a fire will melt the media.
    • Online storage is a safer method than writing media, but may be expensive and uploading large image files is agony on all but the fastest connections.


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