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Memories: recording your trip

ThereArePlaces articles on   "Memories"  are focused on using cameras, journals, sketchbooks, and paint brushes to help you experience your travels once you have returned home.

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Ways to Record Your International Travels

Key Articles

Cameras for vacation, what you need to know  Cameras come in a variety of sizes, formats, and recording media.  Here is a brief overview of the types of cameras most used by international travelers.

Digital cameras     We review digital stand-alone cameras and their advantages for travel photography   This review covers cameras, memory cards, and memory card management.

Take travel notes    Writing a daily travelogue takes time but the rewards are priceless for remembering your international travels.  Click here and get your journal ready.

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Good to know

Making sure you get to share those vacation photos  You can enjoy your vacation pictures, only if your digital images return  home with you.   Next, digital files need to be preserved before you start editing the images.  Here are some tips to help manage your digital images and protect these important vacation "memories

My Vacation, without me  So many vacation photos - Are you in any of them?Thought so!  Read our recommendations for including you in your photo collection of your international travels.

Take that picture when you see it  Many travelers decide to delay taking a specific picture, hoping that there will be a better view or better weather later that day or tomorrow. Take our advice and shoot the scene when you see it.

Taking travel notes: books or electronic notes?  Some travelers like to write  their travel notes by hand, others like to use electronic devices known as Personal Digital Assistants. We provide recommendations on the equipment for each method.

What's this a picture of?  People often lose track of where they were and when a picture was taken.  The sequence problem is a great challenge when trying to organize your vacation photos.  We provide several recommendations to eliminate this problem.  We cover cameras with date stamp functionality,  camera based electronic folders to organize digital camera files, and non-technical shortcuts that will help you sequence your images.

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May be of interest

Airport screening and damage to photographic film  If you still use film-based cameras, you should know that the devices used for security scanning at airports can damage photographic film.  Read how to protect your film and help insure the integrity of your vacation photos

Bring extra memory cards and  batteries  Buying memory cards on the road can be inconvenient and expensive. Follow our travel planning recommendations on taking a supply of memory cards and batteries to capture all those lovely photo opportunities you will see while on vacation.

Snake charmers and other photo opportunities  Before you snap that photo, ask if a cost is attached.  Always make sure that you have a person's permission before taking a photo.

Paint  or sketch as you go  If you have a smidgen or artistic ability, take some paper and your art supplies, and create your own vacation images.  See how others do it.

Protect your expensive camera lens.  Scratches on camera lenses can often show up in photographs as distortions. Protect your lenses from scratches with an inexpensive solution.

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