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Painting or sketches, created while you travel,  are a great way to remember those favorite vacation places.  If you have any talent for painting or sketching, take your tools and create your impressions of the sites that you visit.


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Travel Tips - Paint  or sketch as you go

If you are a talented artist, you should consider taking an art kit  on your vacation.

We find travelers sketching, drawing, and “water coloring” their way around the world. Several have shown us how they memorialize trips using their artistic skills and the results are breathtaking.


A quick sketch of the Parthenon in Athens

Most of these artists take along a small kit including sketch/painting pads, pens, pencils, a small watercolor kit and a note pad to create images and a description of places that they have found exceptionally beautiful or meaningful. Many find a quiet time early in the morning or late in the afternoon (before you get started or after you have stopped for the day) and use art as a way to more fully appreciate their location. At the end of their vacation, they have a meaningful, customized travelogue that cannot be duplicated by anyone, anywhere.

One colleague of ours makes a travel-art book featuring facing pages of watercolor and notepaper. She paints a local image that is meaningful to her and writes a brief travel description of the location and its highlights. When she returns from vacation her friends and neighbors flock to her home to see the new art. It is magical!

One of hidden benefits of painting or sketching sights during your vacation is that it helps you to focus on what is unique about the venue, while observing details that you might otherwise have missed.

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