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All of the world is a stage.  When you travel, you will eventually run into a "staged" photo opportunity where the "actors" expect to be paid.  In other cases, you will run into scenes with common people doing what they do.  Before you snap away, read our recommendations on how to handle these situations to avoid problems.


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Travel Tips -Snake charmers and other photo opportunities

When traveling around the world, you will encounter subjects who will pose for a picture that will look, well, posed and artificial. Of course, it is not every day that you run into a "snake charmer" or a roaming tea steward with an elaborate and exquisite tea urn on his back. For some travelers, these picture opportunities are worth paying for. 

 If you fall into this category, exercise a little caution.

  • Listen for the going rate and decide if the picture is that valuable to you.
  • If so, pay and snap away.
  • If you have not paid for the privilege, do not take the picture, as it will result in a major hassle.

In other situations, you may find the perfect picture of an individual demonstrating a distinct act or wearing a distinct outfit.

  • Make sure that local customs and religious beliefs allow photography.
  • If you are taking a close up picture of an individual, ask for their permission.
  • If the subject of the photograph requests a small fee, pay it  and take the photo if the image is important to you.
  • Do not publish the photograph commercially unless you have a signed release allowing you to do so.
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