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We don't know what it is about travelers and photos, but most of us seem to regard taking a photos as spending the  gold bullion we are saving for retirement.

Take pictures when you see them! You do not need to go to the hotel to decide the pros and cons of any shot.  Just take it. 

We can understand that you might have enough snaps of your traveling companions and almost enough of yourself (hah), but don't skimp on the attractions.


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Travel Advice - - Take that picture when you see it

It is a rule of thumb that while on vacation you should take any potentially interesting or "classic" picture when you first see it.  We know this sounds like silly advice, but most travelers return home and eventually find themselves trying to describe something they saw, but do not quite remember.  It is then that those lost photo opportunities strike home.

  • Do not wait when taking the picture for a time that might be more convenient or when you think the composition of the picture might improve (e.g. better lighting at sunset).
  • Postponing  taking a picture is an action you will  likely regret.
  • For travelers, good pictures are a combination of timing, weather, and serendipity.  Serendipity cannot be programmed - it just happens.
  • Remember, only the professional photographer has the time to wait for the perfect picture (whether natural or staged).
  • Always be ready to snap that picture when you see something interesting.

One of the common mistakes made by travelers is that when they arrive at a beautiful scenic sight late in the afternoon, after a long day of travel, and decide to wait to take photos until the next morning. Often the next morning is cloudy or rainy. Sometimes the attraction does not open early and you have to leave for your next destination. There are other cases where it is sunny but the morning sun does not capture the beauty that you saw the previous afternoon.

So, take the picture when you see it. After all, snapping a picture does not cost much, other than a fraction of a second. In the rare case that there is a better photo opportunity of the same sight tomorrow, you can always take a few more pictures. Don't be conservative with your photo opportunities; you might not be back to the same place in your lifetime.

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