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Ever try to prove that you really went on that great vacation?  Well, why aren't you in any of the pictures?  If this has happened to you, follow our recommendations and  you will wind up with pictures of you and that place you liked so well.


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Travel Tips - My Vacation, but no pix of me.

It never ceases to amaze us, but many people have few pictures of themselves on vacation. Oh, they may have one or two but most personal pictures feature only one member of the couple traveling together.

Most of the time when someone says, “Remember when we went to …” they may only have their memories to rely on, as they do not have photos that include both of them at the "special place". Why do so many people have the “Vacations without me” syndrome?

We think that many tourists are embarrassed to ask someone else to take the time to take pictures of them. So take selfies instead.  This is one of the best uses of phone cameras and the images are immediately shareable to boot.

Of course, people who photograph using stand-alone cameras are often unwilling to place their expensive camera in the hands of a total stranger. Yet others think they have a complicated camera and are reluctant to give a “how to use this camera” demonstration when they cannot speak the language of the person they need to take the picture.

If this sounds like you

  • Choose someone who looks like another tourist to take your photo.  Think about choosing a couple you have noticed who asked others to photograph them.
  • put the camera in programming or automatic mode, show them where the shutter button is and let them do their best.  Or, you could just take a selfie.



Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?

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