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Travel Advice - Carry  a credit card and an ATM card. 

Use your ATM card as a source of cash when you travel internationally. Before you leave home, make sure you deposit enough cash in the account linked to the ATM card to meet your cash needs on vacation.

Use the credit card for purchases, hotels, and dining.

  • The value of the credit card lies in the theft and purchase protection it provides you through the card’s provider.
  • In addition, the conversion rates provided by credit card companies are reasonably competitive.
  • Credit card companies assess fees for foreign transactions and your bank may add another fee. 
    • Check to see which or your credit cards has the lowest fees and use it as your main card during your vacation.


For security, keep both cards in your money belt until you need to use them but carry them in different pockets of the money belt. Return the cards to the money belt as soon as possible. Don't put them in your wallet. 

If possible, bring two ATM and two credit cards.  Keep one set reserved for emergency use only.

Be especially careful when using your ATM card since it is directly linked with your bank account.

  • Do not carry a written record of your ATM card PIN.
    • If your bank account is the source of cash for the vacation, make sure that your travel companion knows the PIN in case they need to get cash in an emergency. 
  • If you are uncomfortable with the potential risk of using an ATM card, consider the new cash cards for travelers.
  • Be sure to read our article on ATM safety.


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