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This article is just for fun!  In it, we list the names of currencies around the world, in case you may be traveling to one of these destinations and would like to know the name of the local currency. 


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Travel Advice - Currency Names by Country

Currency names vary around the world. In those locations where the name is the same as in another country, the currency is usually referred to as country name followed by currency name (e.g. the Australian Dollar or the New Zealand Dollar).

Afghanistan - Afghani
Albania - Lek
Andorra - Euro, formerly the French Franc/Spanish Peseta
Argentina - Peso
Aruba - Florin
Australia - Australian Dollar
Austria - Euro, formerly the Shilling
Azerbaijan - Manat
Armenia - Dram
Bahamas - Bahamian Dollar
Bahrain - Dinar
Bangladesh - Taka
Barbados - Barbados Dollar
Belgium – Euro, formerly the Belgian franc
Bhutan - Ngultrum
Bolivia - Boliviano
Botswana - Pula
Brazil - Real
Brunei - Brunei Dollar
Bulgaria - Lev
Burma - Kyat
Burundi - Franc
Cambodia - Riel
Cameroon - C.F.A. Franc
Canada - Canadian Dollar
China – Renminbi, Yuan
Chile - Peso
Columbia - Peso
Costa Rico - Colon
Cuba - Peso
Cyprus -  EURO - Formerly Cyprus Pound
Czech Republic - Koruna
Denmark - Danish Krone
Dominican Republic - Peso
Ecuador - Sucre
Egypt - Egyptian Pound
El Salvador - Colon
Estonia – Kroon
Faeroe Islands - Danish Krone
Falkland Islands - Falkland Islands Pound and British Pound
Fiji - Fijian Dollar
Finland – Euro, formerly the Markka,
France – Euro, formerly the Franc
French Guiana- Euro
Germany – Euro, formerly the Mark
Gibraltar – Gibraltar Pound
Greece - Euro, formerly the Drachma
Greenland - Danish Krone
Grenada - East Caribbean Dollar
Guam - U.S. Dollar
Guadeloupe - Euro
Guatemala - Quetzal
Hong Kong – Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary - Forint
Iceland – Icelandic Krona
India - Indian Rupee
Indonesia – Indonesian Rupiah
Iran - Iranian Rial
Ireland - Euro, formerly punt
Israel - New Shekel
Italy – Euro, formerly Lira
Japan - Yen
Jordan - Jordanian Dinar
Kazakhstan - Tenge
Kenya - Kenyan Shilling
Kiribati - Australian Dollar
Korea North – North Korean Won
Korea South - Korean Won
Kuwait – Kuwati Dinar
Kyrgzstan - Som
Laos - Kip
Latvia - Lat
Lebanon - Lebanese Pound
Liechtenstein - Swiss Franc
Lithuania - Litas
Luxembourg – Euro, formerly the Luxembourg franc
Macao - Pataca
Madagascar, Democratic Republic - Franc
Malaysia - Ringitt
Maldive - Rufiyaa
Malta -  EURO - formerly Maltese Lira
Martinique - Euro
Mauritius – Mauritian Rupee
Mexico - New Peso
Moldova -Lei
Monaco - Euro
Morocco - Dirham
Mongolia - Tugrik
Nauru Islands - Australian Dollar
Nepal – Nepalese Rupee
Netherlands – Euro, formerly the Guilder
New Zealand - New Zealand Dollar
Nigeria - Naira
Norway - Norwegian Krone
Oman – Omani Rial
Pakistan – Pakistani Rupee
Panama – Balboa, for coins only, U.S. dollars circulates freely.
Paraguay - Guarani
Peru - New Sol
Philippines - Philippine Peso
Poland - Zloty
Portugal – Euro, formerly the Escudo
Puerto Rico - U.S. Dollar
Qatar – Qatari Riyal
Republic of Macedonia – Macdonian Denar
Republic of Yemen - Rial
Reunion Ile de la - Euro
Romania - Leu
Russia - Russian Ruble
Rwanda – Rwanda Franc
San Marino – Euro, formerly the Lira
Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabian Rial
Seychelles - Seychelles Rupee
Singapore – Singapore Dollar
Slovakia  -  EURO - formerly the Koruna
Slovenia - EURO - Formerly the Tolar
South Africa - Rand
Spain -  Euro, formerly Peseta
Sri Lanka - Rupee
Sweden - Krona
Switzerland - Swiss Franc
Syria - Syrian Pound
Taiwan – Taiwanese Dollar
Tanzania - Tanzanian Shilling
Thailand - Baht
Trinidad and Tobago – Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
Tunisia – Tunisian Dinar
Turkey – Turkish Lira
Turks and Caicos - U.S. Dollar
Tuvalu - U.S. Dollar
Uganda – Ugandan Shilling
Ukraine - Hryvnia
United Arab Emirates - Dirham
UK - Pound Sterling
Uruguay - Peso Uruguayan (Uraguayo)
Uzbekistan - Sum
Vanatu - Vatu
Vatican City – Euro is legal tender
Venezuela - Bolivar
Vietnam - Dong
Virgin Islands, British - U.S. Dollar
Virgin Islands, U.S. - U.S. Dollar
Yugoslavia - New Dinar
Zambia - Kwacha
Zimbabwe –Zimbabwe Dollar

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