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Money belts are one of the best security measures to protect you money, credit cards and travel documents during travel.  Read our article for suggestions on money belt use and management.


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Travel Advice - Buy a money belt and Don't Leave Home Without It.

Losing your money or travel documents can turn an otherwise dream vacation into a nightmare. The easiest way to avoid this dilemma is to purchase a money belt and consistently use it. A small investment of about $15 for a money belt can help prevent the theft of your money and documents.


There are a number of money belt styles and sizes to choose from, but we have found that a waist belt is the least obvious and most comfortable.

  • Look for one with two pockets that zip closed. This will not only keep your valuables more secure, it will also allow you to keep important travel documents separate from the items you will need to access more often, such as cash, credit cards, and travelers checks.
  • The money belt should be worn between your outer garment and your underwear, with its top below your belt line.
  • Select a color that will not show through your clothes.
    • We have found that the khaki or tan colored money belts are the best choice.


Before you leave your room in the morning, slip on your money belt. Make sure that you have enough cash in your pockets or wallet to pay for the day's activities.

  • The rest of your cash should be in the money belt.
  • Keep any negotiable travel documents, such as airplane tickets, traveler's checks, ATM cards, and credit cards in your money belt.
  • We recommend that you carry your ATM card or credit card in your wallet or pocket only when you are going to use it.
    • At all other times, these cards  should be in your money belt.

If you unexpectedly need to remove something from your money belt while you are out, do so in a private spot, such as a restroom. Remember, the money belt it designed to be a "hidden" security precaution. Reaching inside your pants in public and extracting your money belt defeats the purpose of wearing one. Return your “cards” to your money belt as soon as possible after using them.

There is one small drawback to wearing any money belt: they often become damp from perspiration. To protect the money belt's contents, we recommend that you place the items you will keep in the money belt  in a sealable plastic storage bags. Traveler’s checks and cash fit nicely in a sandwich-sized bag.  A quart- sized bag is perfect for travel documents such as tickets and fits nicely into most money belts.

Once you have become accustomed to wearing a money belt, you will feel uncomfortable when you travel without one. The money belt is our choice for protecting  cash, cards, checks, and travel documents during travel.

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