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Travel Advice - Traveler check security

If your traveler's checks have been lost, destroyed, or stolen, you will need to know their brand and individual identification numbers to file a claim.

  • Make sure that you keep multiple copies of the identification number and brand of your traveler's checks in your money belt and wallet (see Make a list of those important numbers).
  • It is always good practice to leave a copy of your traveler's check details at home (with your family or a friend) so that someone can access the details if, for some reason, you have lost or cannot locate your copy.
  • Make sure you update your list of traveler's checks by deleting the check numbers you have used.

Keep your traveler's checks in your money belt until shortly before you use them (see Buy a money belt and be prepared to use it).

If you are traveling with a companion, split the traveler's checks between you for purposes of security.

When you convert a traveler's check at a Bank,  Currency Exchange or a Bureau de Change you will be required to provide some form of identification. A passport is the usual form of identification but a driver’s license can be used.

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