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One of the minor problems with traveler's checks is that they are usually issued in one name, although most families travel together.  Traveler's checks for two is a better idea.  Read our article about dual signature traveler's checks.

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Travel Advice -Travelers Checks for Two

Usually one member of the family picks up the traveler's checks and has them set up for their signature. The single signature traveler's check is very limiting since the person who purchased the check must be present to endorse or countersign them when they are used for a purchase or some other financial transaction.

We urge you to consider paying the modest fee that is required to issue traveler's checks in the name of two parties rather than the standard one name variety.

  • The advantage of the two name traveler's check is flexibility since either person can countersign the check when it is used (only one of the two signatures is required when cashing a check).
  • In addition, purchasing checks that can be used by two persons works out well when dividing the checks for safe storage in your money belts (see Buy a money belt and be prepared to use it).
  • Both persons do not need to be present when the checks are purchased but both persons need to countersign the checks before they can be used by either party.
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