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August is when almost every European takes a vacation.  Travel the months before or after August   If that is not possible, read our article, and be prepared.


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Travel Advice - If you travel in Europe during August, be prepared.

During August, most European families head for the shore or other vacation areas, and the entire country slows down for the duration.

  • The vacation exodus that occurs in Europe is epic and should not be underestimated.
  • During August,  in many major European cities, the pace slows and the cities become dull, as a result of the local inhabitants being on vacation.
  • During this period, many museums and stores may be closed or operating on shortened summer hours.
  • Service levels at hotels and restaurants suffer because the entire country is on vacation
    • Except those poor souls who are waiting on you (and you can imagine that they are not too happy about being there while all of their friends are having a good time).
  • Beaches and shoreline recreation areas will be filled to the brim.
    •  Beach chairs will be scarce.

Europe can be extremely hot and humid in July and August, so expect oppressive heat and humidity. Rejoice if does not happen.

Finally, rates for attractions and hotels are always high during this period.   You can find better bargains  if you can travel during the "shoulder season" before and after the peak summer vacation.

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