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You can't go back.  Travelers often reminisce about past journeys.  Some of us even make the mistake of trying  to find those old familiar places.  Well, doing so is probably a good way to destroy a pleasant memory.  If you return to the same destination, stay in a new hotel, and see new attractions.


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Travel Advice - Those old familiar places

During a recent business trip, I found myself staying overnight in a town in the Netherlands that I had visited years before. I went in search of a great little bistro that I had dined at during my previous visit. I did not remember its name but did remember it was within walking distance of the hotel, down a flight of stairs and located in a building that reminded me of a gas station.

After a fair amount of exploring, I found the building where the restaurant used to be. I, also, found a sign indicating that the restaurant had relocated and changed its name. Not to be denied, I walked several miles to the new location only to learn that the name change signified a menu change. It was no longer a bistro and no longer featured regional cuisine. Oh well! I walked back to the town center and tried a restaurant recommended by the hotel.

On another occasion, at the end of some travel to the mid-east I was caught in an airline strike and found myself, unexpectedly spending a weekend in London. Since I had not planned on the stopover, I decided to book into a hotel that I had stayed at on my first trip to the London fifteen years earlier

I guess I had seen the hotel in better days. The hotel was run down and just this side of reputable. The toilet was loose on its bolts and covered with mold and mildew. Hot water for bathing was a rare commodity, at any time of the day or night. In addition, it was a cold, blustery, rainy, winter weekend in London and the chill of the storm seemed to blast through the balcony doors guarding my room from the elements. Unfortunately, the heater could not overcome the chill in the room and I shivered all night long.

Sometimes you just can’t go back. Maybe it’s better that we don’t try. I think that trying to relive an earlier travel experience should sound a warning signal that this is a road to avoid. Our experiences change us and environments that brought us joy on an earlier trip may no longer be of remote interest. You only have so many great vacations, save them for new places!

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