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While on vacation, most people adopt a "group think" and wind up not doing some of the things they like.  On you next vacation, institute an elective day where each traveler heads out to do the think they like.  Read our article and try this technique on your next vacation.


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Travel Advice - Dealing with different travel tastes

A sense of  "convention" often complicates travelers’ enjoyment of their vacation.  For example,  most travelers want to see the “best places” that the world has to offer and are attracted to cultural, historic, and architectural icons that represent the finest existing examples of humankind’s endeavors.

  • On the other hand, we all have our favorite places that do not seem to have much attraction to any one else.
  • Further, each of us may have vacation activities we like to pursue that may not appeal to other travelers, even those accompanying us.


Well, that’s OK. During every trip, each traveler should reserve some time to enjoy the activities that are personally important. If your preference is not an activity shared by your fellow travelers, plan a free day when everyone can go out and do what they want by themselves.

  • Set some rules for the free day when you are planning the vacation.
  • Establish  an expense limit that you can afford (e.g. for golf, facials, shopping) and have everyone agree that they will not exceed their personal budget for this day.
  • Agree what time you and your fellow travelers will reconvene (e.g. for dinner, the next day).

Having some personal time is great way to add a little enjoyment to the vacation. It allows everyone time to do the things they like without inconveniencing anyone else. Try to plan one or several days like this for your next vacation. We think you will find it a good idea.

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