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ThereArePlaces  articles on Travel Planning were designed  to help you create successful vacations abroad.

We break this section on Travel Planning articles into two sections. First, we cover Travel Planning Preparation, which describes the detail  needed to plan successful vacations.

Next we cover Travel Planning Considerations, which could help fine tune your planning efforts.

Click our Travel Planning Guide articles to prepare a  vacation that meets your needs and the needs of your fellow travelers.

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Travel Advice on Travel Planning: Preparation

Key articles

Five questions that will help you plan travel  If you have time to read just one of our articles on trip planning, this is the one.  We list the questions you need to ask, as well as recommendations on how to move the process forward.

How to evaluate tour operators   If you are thinking about taking an arranged tour, here are some questions that you should ask and have answered before you sign a contract or pay a deposit.

Issues to research about potential destinations  When considering vacation destinations research is crucial.

Planning strategies to satisfy different types of vacation needs  Planning strategies depend on the type of vacation you intend to take.  Our review helps you plan for optimal vacation satisfaction.

Thoughts on the need for vacation planning   Successful vacations require planning.  Although a travel agent can plan a vacation for you, unless you spend some time thinking through your goals for the vacation, the results will, likely, be a disappointment

Good to Know

Book your reservations as soon as possible   Most people are so pleased that they finally obtained consensus on a vacation plan that they put off making reservations until too late.  Don't let this happen to you.  Follow our guidelines for streamlining  the reservation process.

Choosing destinations   Be selective in your travel plans.  All of us like to explore, but plan on seeing the best of the best first and the rest of the best on another trip.

Dealing with different travel tastes  Many paired travelers do not have the same travel tastes.  We recommend taking some free time on every vacation, allowing party members to do what they want, independently.  Read our recommendations for how to accomplish this with a minimum of difficulty.

The United States Tour Operators Association  The USTOA is a trade organization that sets stringent standards for its member companies.  The purpose of the organization is to provide integrity in tourism and it appears that its member tour operator companies are held to high standards.

Vacation strategies, should you be a “hopper” or a “plopper”?   There are many types of travelers ranging from explorers to nesters.  Which are you and how should that influence your vacation choice?

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How not to plan travel   There's more to travel planning than reservations.  Go beyond the basics and experience all the benefits that your destination may offer.

Know yourself and your destination   Know your likes and dislikes before you choose a destination.  In addition, learn about the destination to make sure it mirrors your preferences.  All of this sounds simple but many travelers do not think through these distinctions and wind up on a vacation that disappoints.

Use a good quality guidebook   Quality guidebooks can help you decide what to see and what to avoid while on vacation.  Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your guidebook.

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Tips on Travel Planning: Considerations

Key articles

Be selective about your travel destinations   Did you know that fifteen countries account for over fifty percent of the world's tourism?  Read our article to find out which countries are the most popular tourist destinations and gain some insights on why you need to be selective in your travel planning.

Travel (trip) Insurance   Most travelers are not prepared for emergencies that might strike during travel.  If your vacation destination is outside of the U.S., you should consider the benefits of travel insurance.  We describe the issues to consider, as well as the types of coverage available.

Travel tastes  The world is full of opinions about where to travel and the best places to see.  Different preferences are to be expected.  However, the only  opinion that is important is yours.

Want to travel but think it’s too expensive?  We consider travel a "Cheap Luxury".  Discover why the oxymoron "Cheap Luxury" so appropriately describes travel.

When less is more   While on vacation most of us want to see everything we can.   We plan aggressive itineraries and rush from attraction to attraction.  This is a good way to catch "travel burnout". Read our recommendations for sensible touring practices.

Good to Know

Be selective when using travel guide information   All travel information comes with a built in point of view.  Make sure that sources you use for travel destination information have  travel values and interests that reflect your preferences.

Being in the right frame of mind will help you enjoy your vacation  Approaching travel with the right frame of mind is a must.  Vacations and travel are not tasks, they are rewards.  So, get out there and enjoy yourself.

Experience travel    Many people do not travel because they claim the world outside their door has nothing to offer them.  If you know someone like this, show them our article.

The accidental finds    Although we advocate travel planning, sometimes the best parts of travel are discovering the unexpected treasures.   Leave some flexibility in your schedule for that "accidental find" and you will be glad that you did.

May be of interest

Avoid college towns on event weekends, if you are just passing through    If you are a footloose traveler, be sure to avoid college towns and surrounding areas on event weekends. 

If you travel in Europe during August, be prepared  Most of Europe's workers vacation in August. If you can, visit some other time.

Special travel needs   If someone in your party qualifies as a special needs traveler, you might want to consider using an ASTA travel agent to plan your travel.

Those old familiar places   Memories are important.  When it come to travel, it might be better to let past experiences remain memories.  Read our reasons for avoiding revisiting past vacation scenes.

Regulate your touring  Yep, two major attractions a day, maximum.  See how it can work for you.

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