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How many attractions should your schedule in day?  Two major attractions, perhaps. Take you time and enjoy what you are doing.  Explore at a leisurely pace.


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Travel Advice - Regulate your touring

While some attractions can be toured in an hour to two, we urge you to set your sights on touring no more than two major attractions a day.  In areas with a larger number of attractions, we urge you to spend at least two days  in order to maximize the diversity of places visited and helping to avoid burnout ( see our article When less is more). When visiting the major cities of the world plan four days at a minimum and a week to ten days if possible.


On a trip to France, we decided to spend three days and two nights at a Chateau near Ambois in the Loire Valley. We felt that this would allow us the time for both a leisurely tour of the best of the Chateaux (Chenenceaux and Chambord) and to explore the beauty of the area. Conversely, we spent only one night near Mt- Saint-Michel, as we had toured the exterior of the Abbey that afternoon and we knew that we could easily tour the interior of the Abbey the next day and drive to our next destination (Chartres) in time to see the cathedral resplendent in the setting sun.

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