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Planning is only half the battle.  Once you have decided what you want to do and where you want to go, make your reservations immediately.  In our article, we make several recommendations that should help you finalize the trip.


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Travel Advice - Travel Advice - Book your reservations as soon as possible

Once you have decided on a vacation destination, it is time to set a schedule for your trip and make reservations.

  • As soon as you have decided when you want to travel, make or confirm reservations for the dates that you are available.
  • Some people feel so good about having achieved consensus on the vacation destination that they put off actually making the reservations until weeks later.
  • Do not make this mistake. If you do, you may face higher prices or non-availability of flights or accommodations.

Decide the timing of your visit as early as possible.

  • Early planning generally results in being able to snag reservations where you want to stay during the period you are available.
  • Start by exploring the reservation that you think will be most difficult to book.
    • For example, if your vacation choice is a small, remote destination with limited hotel availability, check on hotel availability and make your room reservations.


Generally, you can reserve a flight before you actually pay the fare. Doing so allows you to find and confirm hotels reservations and then commit to the flight reservation when you are sure that your other reservations work for the dates you have selected.

  • Make sure to purchase the tickets before the expiration date of the “hold” on the tickets.
  • The airline will tell you that the reservations must be ticketed by a specific date or the space will return to the “available” pool of tickets for the flight.

If you want to avoid the hassle of making reservations, you can always find a travel agent who will be glad to do so for a modest fee.

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