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Travel planning should involve more that considering a place to see, plane to fly, and place to stay.  If you want to get the maximum value out of your investment, spend some time with a quality travel guidebook to find the superlatives offered at your destination.


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Travel Advice - How not to plan travel

Some travelers plan only for the minimum three “P’s” (place, plane, place to stay) and head out on their vacation freeform, presuming that they will find something interesting to do when they arrive at their destination.

  • Sitting at the airport while waiting for your vacation flight is not the time to begin travel planning: however, many travelers pull out their guidebooks on the way to their destination and try to familiarize themselves with their destination at the last minute.


Vacations cost too much to make them a hit and miss affair. You need to some spend some time planning your travel in order to get the maximum value from your investment.

  • Travel is not like going to the mall where you know that all of the stores you want to shop at are in the same location.
  • Vacations are like a treasure hunt, you have to read the clues in order to solve the puzzle and benefit from the experience.
  • Get a good guidebook and read it before you go (See our article on finding the right guidebook for you).

I have an acquaintance who visited Amsterdam and saw the “Sex Museum”. I asked if she had seen the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum. She replied, “Should I have?” Yep, been to Amsterdam and crossed that one off the list.

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