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There are numerous sources of information about travel destinations.  We think the best sources are high quality guidebooks.  Use your guidebook to filter out the superlatives of travel and discard the locations that are not worth a visit.


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Use a good quality guidebook to help decide what to see and do on your vacation.

How do you decide which attractions to visit when you have never been to the destination?

One best answer  is to use our Destination Guides . However, if you want more detail, you might consider using a travel guidebook (see buy a good guidebook) as a filter to find the attractions that are right for you.

  • It is unlikely that any competent, professional, travel guide will overlook major attractions.
  • If some of the places that you have heard about are not in the guidebook, do yourself a favor and look at a second guidebook as part of your planning process.
  • If neither guidebook mentions these locations, it is possible that visiting the sites may not be a good use of your vacation time.

One simple measure of the importance a guidebook editorial team assigns to an attraction or activity is  the length of space used to describe it.

  • Visiting locations that are described in travel guides with one-line comments is unlikely to be the best use of your vacation time.
  • If the description of any attraction starts “If you have lots of time…” visit the location only if you are in the area and have stumped for something to do.


Many travelers, who spend a substantial amount of money on their vacation,  for some curious reason skimp on purchasing a guidebook.

  • Although you can find a tremendous amount of information about destinations on the Internet, in newspapers and magazines, many of these sources lack the uniform, editorial voice, balanced presentation, and detail found in a good guidebook.
  • Having a favorite guidebook series is like having your own personal travel guide. Good authors provide all the information you need in one place.
  • You can pick up a quality guidebook at Barnes and Noble, Borders or order one from Amazon in less time than you can search for this type of information on the Internet or in magazines.
  • Try a guidebook; we think you will find that its use will help you plan a fantastic vacation.

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