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Different types of vacation planning are required to meet specific vacation related needs.  We review the common categories of vacation and provide a recommendation on whether to plan it yourself or look for assistance.


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Travel Advice - Planning strategies to satisfy different types of vacation needs.

You should plan your vacation to satisfy a need or a want that is important to you. For some, the purpose of vacation is discovery and travel. For others is it rest and relaxation. While different vacation goals are not mutually exclusive, they are unique enough to require implementing targeted planning strategies to achieve the desired results.

Rest and Relaxation

The easiest travel to plan is when you are vacationing for rest and relaxation. The reason that this is the easiest planning choice to noodle on is that you immediately know the places you do not want to visit (any that would complicate your life) and usually have a short list of desirable destinations.

  • If you seek rest and relaxation, keep your travel plans simple.
  • Select the travel location and amenity level that you desire, take your swimsuit, sneakers, some good books, and get ready to recharge your batteries.
  • Be sure not to overextend yourself financially as your concern about paying of the vacation will negate its therapeutic effects.


Some people who want to decompress do not want to rest but are looking for an “adventure” vacation that will involve them in hiking, biking climbing, or other “active” types of vacation.

  • Implementing an adventure vacation requires specialized knowledge and we suggest that you deal with a specialist (Web site or travel agent) who can connect you with a reputable provider of these types of services. 
  • Do not book adventure vacations on the Web, as there are many variables that you will need to discuss with a knowledgeable representative of the service provider.


If the desire to "travel" is your vacation objective, then, you have some work to do in order find best way of meeting these needs.

  • Desire to travel is the simplest to diagnose, since most people who express this urge, already have a place or two in mind.
  • So, go for it, buy a guidebook, research your destination, and make your plans. ( see our article on Choosing the right guidebook for you.)
  • Even if you did not associate your urge for travel with a specific wish list, selecting a destination is not difficult, as there a more places to visit than there is time to visit them.
  • Pick the place that has the most affinity for you and don’t bother justifying it to anyone, just go.


Discovery/theme vacations are focused on a discipline or hobby such as archaeology, painting, bird watching, or some specific form of hobby.  

  • Successful "discovery" travel planning requires expert help. Search for programs offered by major museums or well-known education institutions.
  • Programs headed by “experts” are your best bet but are often extraordinarily expensive.

Mixed objectives

Sometimes you will find that your fellow travelers do not share your choice for an ideal vacation. In these cases, we suggest finding a location that provides something for everyone. If you cannot agree on a location that meets alternative vacation objectives, then, agree to the alternative  for your next vacation.  ( See the ThereArePlaces article Five questions that will help you plan travel  for advice on making planning decisions).

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