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                        Things Travelers Need To Know

ThereArePlaces articles on shopping  were designed to help you understand important considerations  when you shop internationally.

Click the Travel Planning Guide articles  to read travel tips that will help you to recognize real values, get a good price, and have a great shopping experience.  We provide information on Customs, Duty Free, VAT, shipping, and a host of topics of interest to  shoppers. Read these articles to help evaluate the real value of the items you desire.

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Travel Tips and Travel Advice for Shopping Abroad

Key Articles

Duty Free Shopping    Duty Free shops can be found in airports and shopping districts in Europe.  What exactly is "Duty Free" and is it of any real benefit to the traveler?

Some facts you need to know about clearing Customs      When you bring your purchases back into the U.S., you need to list them as part of your Custom's Declaration. Read this article to understand "declarations, exemptions, and  the Customs Tax.

Good to know

Looking for a bargain abroad?  Do the research.  If you are looking for bargains, you need to do the research to identify quality and its worth. Read our article for a few simple guidelines.

Purchase details you may need to clear Customs  Read this article on keeping track of expenses to help prepare you for filling out your Custom's Declaration and responding to any challenge the Customs Agent may throw at you.

Shopping and the language barrier  Pointing is a great technique when you want to buy something but don't speak the language.  Of course, there are a couple of additional details that we outline in our article.

VAT: a tax you should know about   Value Added Tax (VAT) can significantly increase the cost of your purchase.  Read all about it here.

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May be of interest

A good way to get those treasures back home  Too many treasures to carry?  Follow our recommendation for an easy way to get your goodies home.

Bargains abroad and your budget   Make a list of the bargains by country, or area you will visit, and focus your purchases on real treasures.  Of course, just because it's a regional specialty, doesn't automatically make it a bargain. Read our article for some tips.

Brush up on those bargaining skills   Sometime during your travels, you are going to need to "bargain" to buy some trinket you just can't live without.  We cover the rules you should know about when dealing for dollars.

Shipping large items home.  Well, yes, it's a real trophy.  But how are you going to get it home?

Fine carpets for sale    You know, the rug guys are right, those things are beautiful.  In addition, they are very expensive.  So, are they a bargain? If you are interested in purchasing an exotic carpet while abroad, read our recommendations on what you need to do to prepare for the big event.  If you do not want to purchase a carpet, read our recommendations to protect your sanity - because the carpet police are going to find you!

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