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You always seem to end up a trip with more  treasures than you had planned to purchase.  Now comes the hard part - how to get them home?  We offer a simple recommendation.  Try it; we think it will work well for you.


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Travel Advice -   A good way to get those treasures back home

Travelers always seem to by an endless variety of goodies and gifts for themselves, relatives, and friends at home. Trying to fit all the purchases into your luggage usually does not seem to work.

  • Most of us pack our bags to the brim at the start of the trip and have no room for additions when we repack to head home.
  • In addition, when you pack your luggage for the return trip, you will find that worn clothes just do not pack as tightly as freshly ironed and washed clothes.

We know that you will be tempted to cram all the items into a shopping bag and we both know that the shopping bag will self-destruct on the way to the airport.

In order to carry your  treasures safely back home

  • Pack an extra travel bag for loading at the end of the trip.
  • We suggest carrying a foldable duffel bag.
    • Layer the bag at the bottom of another piece of luggage before you pack your clothes.
    • Use it to tote your purchases during the trip home.

Do not wrap any of the items you purchased, as they may need to be inspected when passing through security or Customs.



  • Purchases that are fragile should not be placed in your luggage, as it is unlikely that these items could survive baggage handlers.
  • Do not pack valuables in luggage due the possibility of theft while your luggage is in transit.
    • Instead, carry small valuables on your person, in as secure a manner as possible.
    • Fit larger valuables into your carryon luggage, or ship them home insured (see our article It's too big to carry).

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