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Crowds can make touring unbearable.  So, time your day to avoid the worst of the crowds.  Follow our recommendations and your touring will be smoother and more enjoyable.


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Travel Advice -  Get There Early or Later in The Day

One of the tried and true rules of visiting tourist attractions is to arrive early in the morning or later in the afternoon but never between the dreaded ten A.M. to two P.M. block of time. The sizable crowds that arrive at attractions during the late morning - early afternoon period can make touring tense and hectic.

Most tourists get off to a late start in the morning, after having a leisurely breakfast and lazing around the hotel.

  • Usually, a crowd of these "late starters" arrives at the most popular tourist attractions in mid-morning, resulting in large crowds and long lines.
  • If you arrive at the same time as the tourist horde, you will spend your morning waiting in line and wading through crowds.
    • Of course, that is just the training exercise for the “very crowded lunch adventure”.
    • Finally, the crowd will finish eating at approximately the same time and, mysteriously wind up arriving at the same attraction you  have chosen to explore.


So, how do you avoid the crowds?

  • We know this won’t be popular but we recommend getting out of bed early (at least earlier than the ten to two bunch), having a light breakfast, and arriving at your chosen attraction close to the opening hour.
  • Arriving early will allow you to visit at your leisure, avoid  the crowds, and have a chance to examine your destination in a more enjoyable context.

Consider lunch as a time to slow down.  Find a good restaurant, have a pleasant meal, and recharge the batteries for the next stop.

  • In essence, pick out a promising restaurant, sit outdoors if the weather permits, and take a leisurely meal. America is one of the few places in the world where fast meals are a way of life. In most other countries, meals are for eating, conversing, and renewing your energy for the day. Get into the swing of things! If there is no restaurant available that looks promising, do a little shopping, buy take-out items focused on regional specialties and have a picnic.

Try to time your lunch so that you do not return to the tourist attractions before two or three in the afternoon.

  • Generally, you will find that the crowds have thinned and you will have more time and space to consider the aspects of the site that delight you.
  • The tour busses are usually turning for home by this time and the surrounding area will be relatively uncrowded.
  • Take some time to tour the community and find a quiet neighborhood restaurant for a snack or dinner before heading for your hotel.

Outside of the high tourist season, you may not find large crowds hindering your travel.  Off-season, however, often finds attractions closed on certain days of the week and/or opening later in the day and closing earlier than during summer.


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