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Strategies for Touring

ThereArePlaces articles on Touring Strategies will help you avoid some of the common "gotchas" that occur during vacations, particularly vacations in international destinations. 

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Travel  Advice and  Tips for Touring International Destinations

Don’t follow the crowd  Getting caught behind a large tour group when touring an attraction is like being stuck behind a slow, smoke-spewing bus in heavy traffic. Our strategy demonstrates a tactic that might help you avoid trailing the tour group

Get there early or late  Everybody seems to be on the same travel schedule, creating big crowds at many attractions.  See how to alter your schedule a little and enjoy your touring a whole lot more.

Finding good grub  Choosing where to eat during vacations is often a difficult decision.  When traveling in Europe, the decision seems even harder.  We offer several recommendations that will make the choice, quick, easy, and pleasing to your taste buds..

Start with the best   So much to see, so little time.  Check here to uncover the secrets of selective touring.

Walking and your vacation  Walking is the best way to soak up the ambiance of international destinations.  Read our recommendations and make sure that you and your  feet are up to the task.

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Good to know

Cheap drinks with ice in Europe  In countries where  wine is the beverage of choice and ice is a rare commodity, tall cool ones are hard to find.  Let us tell you where to find them..

Didn't read the book? Hire a guide  Didn't take our advice about buying and reading a good guidebook?  Don't worry.  Once you are at your destination, there are some alternatives.

Discount sightseeing passes  All sorts of discount passes await the savvy traveler.  Find out here if these passes are for you and how they work.

Take a picnic lunch  Europe was made for picnics and picnics were made for travelers. It's a cheap and enjoyable way to have some great food and grab a little relaxation between attractions.  Let us show you how.

Take the “Introduction to………” tour   Those double decked, tour buses available in the major tourist cities seem so.... "touristy".  They may be a good way to get your bearings and save a bit of walking.

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Might be of interest

Complimentary breakfasts.  Hotels that serve complimentary breakfast offer a good way to start the day and save some time.  Read our review to find out what to expect.

Watch out for soccer fans No, we are not recommending that you look for soccer fans.  We are recommending that, when traveling abroad, you, avoid them at all costs.  Read our article and be prepared.

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