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Modern cruise lines have commendable sanitation records,  but it never hurts to find out the record of the ship you are considering for a cruise.  Read our article to find out how. 


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Travel Advice/Travel Tips -  The Center for Disease Control and cruise ship monitoring

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) assists the cruise vessel industry by conducting the Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP).

  • The VSP is aimed at preventing the introduction, transmission, or spread of communicable diseases  into the United States and the CDC monitors cruise vessels as part of that responsibility. 
  • In addition, the CDC assists the cruise ship industry in developing and implementing comprehensive sanitation programs to protect the health of passengers and crew aboard cruise vessels.
  • The sanitation programs are aimed at minimizing the risk for gastrointestinal diseases.


Every vessel that has a foreign itinerary, carries 13 or more passengers, and calls on a U.S. port is subject to un-announced, twice yearly inspections by VSP staff. 

  • The ship is reviewed in a 100 point program and must score 86 or above to pass.
  • If the ship fails an inspection, it will be requested to rectify the problem immediately and will be re-inspected within 30 to 45 days.

Inspections are conducted by Environmental Health Officers who check:

  • Water supply and distribution systems
  • Spas and pools
  • Food and food preparation areas
  • The potential for contamination of food or water
  •  The practices and personal hygiene of crew members
  • The general cleanliness and physical condition of the ship
  • The ship's training programs in general environmental and health practices

 nspection scores are published on the VSP website ( ). In addition, the scores are published every month in the Summary of Sanitation Inspections of International Cruise Ships, commonly referred to as the green sheet.

If you are considering a cruise, be sure to check the record of the ship you are considering traveling on by inspecting its sanitation scores at the VSP Website.


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