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ThereArePlaces travel tips were designed  to help familiarize you with  important considerations when choosing a cruise line  for your international vacation.

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Travel Advice/Travel Tips: International Cruises

Key articles

Cruises - What you need to know    Taking a cruise is a great way to vacation, but you need to spend some time up front figuring out what kind of cruise you will enjoy. Our article covers some of the most important issues and recommends that you work with a travel agent to maximize your satisfaction.

Shore excursions     Shore excursions are often the highlight of a cruise vacation.  Our article covers what you need to know about excursions.  Don't delay reading this as some many excursions need to be reserved when you book your cruise.

The Center for Disease Control and cruise ship monitoring    Cruises carry lots of people in close contact and onboard sanitation is always an issue.  Read this article about the Center for Disease Control's Vessel Sanitation Program.

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Good to know

Health tips for cruising    This is a summary of the CDC's recommendations for staying healthy while you cruise.

Noroviruses and cruise ships    There has been a lot of recent news about Noroviruses and cruise ships.  Find out what  Noroviruses are, how they are spread, and recommendations that may help you avoid illness caused by them.

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May be of Interest

Tipping on cruises    Tipping while on a cruise can be a complicated topic.  We provide a brief review of current tipping policies and practices.

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