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Don't drink and drive.  Avoiding alcohol consumption when you have to drive is sensible, responsible, and appropriate.  International governments agree and violating the drunken driver laws will result in severe penalties. 


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Travel Advice/Travel Tips -  Drinking and driving in foreign countries is severely penalized

Drinking and driving in Europe, the United Kingdom, and most areas of the world results in penalties that are more severe than those that are imposed in the United States. In addition, these penalties are based on lower blood alcohol levels than in comparable situations in the United States.

Most Europeans simply do not drive if they are going to have a drink, regardless of the circumstances. Instead, they will arrive and depart by public transportation or cab, even when they have driven to work. If for some reason they are forced to drive to the location, they will not drink alcoholic beverages, if they must drive after the meal.

If you enjoy a cocktail before eating or wine with your meal , take public transportation or a cab to and from the restaurant. You will save yourself the considerable amount of trouble that will result if you are pulled over. Unlike the United States, most of the world simply does not tolerate any drinking and driving.

If you have been convicted of drunken driving in the U.S. you may not be allowed to drive in Canada.  Check with the Canadian Embassy for the latest restrictions.



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