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ThereArePlaces  travel tips  on Car Travel were designed  to familiarize you with the information you should know about car travel abroad (Taxi's too).

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Travel Advice: Car travel Abroad

Key articles

Car rental costs and considerations  The final costs of car rentals are increased by taxes and the rental options you select.  Read our article to make sure you understand the Total Cost of Renting.  Be sure to review our section on insurance to make sure that you are covered in case of an accident.

Drinking and driving in foreign countries is severely penalized  Alcohol and driving do not mix anywhere, but in Europe, the guidelines are significantly more stringent than in the U.S.  The penalties are significant.

Taking taxis  Taking a taxi is an entirely different activity when you and the driver do not speak the same language.  Read our recommendations for overcoming the language barrier.  In addition, we provide a variety of tips that can help you avoid being "taken" by unscrupulous taxi drivers.

Good to know

How to handle roundabouts  Roundabouts (also known as traffic circles) are tricky to navigate. Review our article for some recommendations on safely negotiating roundabouts whether you're driving on the right or on the left.

Know how to operate your rental car   Just remember, the manual for the car may not be in the glove box.  If it is, it may be written in a foreign language. To avoid problems operating your rental vehicle, read our recommendations and be prepared. 

May be of interest

International Driving Permits  Most countries do not require the use of International Driving Permits, but these permits do provide value.  Read our article and find out why.

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