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I know that this sounds like straightforward advice but it won’t hurt to remember it. A couple of years ago I set off for a ten day driving vacation of New Zealand that started in Christchurch. I flew to Christchurch on my way back from a vacation in Australia, so I could not blame jet lag for what happened when I eventually arrived at the rental car.

Passport control in Christchurch was extremely slow and I was dying to get going, after all, there was some time for touring before the sun went down. I guess the passport control officers did not know I was in a hurry. Eventually, I was cleared, picked up my luggage, and delayed again in customs. Finally, I cleared customs and headed to the rental car counter to sign my contract and pick up my keys.

I grabbed the key and headed to the car. I stuffed my luggage in the boot, opened the car door, and plopped in ready to drive to the delights of New Zealand’s South Island. Well, apparently not!

It would have been hard to drive from the seat I plopped into since the driver’s cockpit was on the other side of the car. Was I ashamed to get out and re-enter the correct side of the car? You bet ya! Somehow I managed to contort my frame across the stick shift and slide into the driver’s seat without any major damage to the car and myself. I started up and drove into town and the best part was the Kiwi’s knew when I was going to turn because I continually turned on the windshield wipers instead of the turn signal.

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