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ThereArePlaces travel tips on Air transportation were designed  to provide a "user's guide" for  flying both locally and internationally.

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Travel Advice -Travel Tips:  International Air Travel

Key articles

Airport security in the U.S.  If you haven't flown in a while, it is likely that security inspections have changed since your last flight.  Read our article for insight into post 9/11 security.

New rules post the December 25, 2009 Terrorism incident As many of you know, a terrorist attempted to detonate an explosive device onboard a Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day, 2009. Several changes in air travel safety regulations have been implemented as a result of the incident.  We cover the new restrictions from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regarding travel to the United States, as well as other restrictions imposed by airlines and several limitations regarding specific international airports. 

Insulated Beverage Containers - in December of 2010, the TSA indicated that it may start examining insulated beverage containers carried by air travelers.  Find out why in this brief article that contains a useful FAQ explaining the issues involved.

Batteries and travel   In January, 2008 the U.S. Department of transportation issued new rules about air travel with  batteries and devices powered by batteries.  Our articles discusses which batteries can be packed in checked luggage, which batteries must be packing in carry-on luggage and how to deal with making the batteries you carry safe for travel.

Speed Through Security Lines  Standing in those airport security lines can be vexing.  We tell you the best way to prepare for a hassle-free "run" through the line.

Airport Security Checkpoints and Kids  Our article provides suggestions for speeding your way through airport security checkpoints when traveling with kids.

Airport Security Checkpoints and Kids With Disabilities   Our article provides suggestions for negotiating security checkpoints at airports when traveling with children with disabilities.

Airport security outside of the U.S. – a little different   Security at European airports is often more "visible" than our system in the U.S.  Our article covers what you should know to navigate security abroad.

Don't leave your stuff at the security check point  Go with the flow" is good advice for successfully passing security checkpoints.  In addition, we suggest a couple of procedures that will make passing security easier and less taxing.

Am I wearing the right shoes?    Are you required to remove you shoes when you pass through airport security? Read our article to find out.

Explosive Trace Detection Technology  Our article provides an explanation and description of the increased use of explosives trace devices to test passengers for exposure to materials that could be used to create bombs or other IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices)

Full-Body Scanners  The TSA in the United States is rolling out an ever increasing number of scanners that image the complete body of the passenger and are capable of "seeing" devices that could be used for terrorism that are hidden underneath the clothing worn by any passenger.  We cover the technology and what you should know about this new layer of security for air travel.

The flyers guide to air travel comfort  If you don't fly much, read this article for numerous insights that could help you have a more comfortable and restful flight.  We cover: seating, arranging your nook, relaxation/health, and eating.

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Good to know (air travel articles)

Airports in Europe – Wait for the gate  One of the charms of European countries is that they are different from the U.S.  One of the differences is the airports.  See how to whisk by the crowds and confusion.

Boarding airplanes, the how to guide for infrequent flyers  Boarding planes is pretty straightforward if you know the drill.  If you don't, here are some tips that will help you get on and get settled in no time.

Can I take it? The list of items that can be transported by airline passengers has change several times over the last few years.  Our article provides a table that will help you to determine whether items can travel with you on your vacation.  In addition, we describe what can be carried aboard the plan and what can be included in checked luggage.

Flying tips -the all-in-one guide  This article is a compendium of tips that will help you avoid the common travel "gotchas" that can occur when you travel by air.

Terminal know-how for foreign airports   It seems that many European taxi drivers are not familiar with any airport terminal other than the one the houses the national airline.  Call ahead and find out the departure terminal for your flight.

The quality of drinking water on airplanes  The EPA tests water quality on airplanes.  See what they found during their most recent tests and bring bottled water when you fly.

International flights - Reconfirming your reservation for departure Check your tickets to see if you need to confirm your reservation for your trip back to the U.S.  Many airlines require a reconfirmation within 72 hours of departure.  We provide some recommendations on how to reconfirm with ease.

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May be of interest (air travel articles)

The "Crossing Map"  On some flights the cabin is equipped with a monitor that displays the position of the plane and the flight path for your trip.  Some flights feature a low-tech approach: a map stuck on the wall near the galley - they make nice mementos.

Within Europe - two service classes not three    Flights within Europe usually offer only two classes of service: business and tourist. Should you spend the money to upgrade?

Be sure to see our section on Luggage where we cover not only information on luggage, but what you can pack for both carry-on and luggage that will travel in the hold.

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