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On most international flights, the crew will post a paper,  "crossing map" that shows the path of flight between origin and destination.  Take a gander to see where you have been and where you are going.


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Travel Advice/Travel Tips -  The "Crossing Map"

One of the small delights that adds mystique to international flights is the “crossing map” that is, often, posted near the galleys.

The “crossing map” shows the route that the plane will take from its originating airport to its final destination. The map usually contains a simplified outline of the geography over which you will travel, as well as the planned route. It will contain major, planned course changes, flight times at varying distances on the route, and additional information contained (outside temperature, flight altitude, length of flight, etc.) on the margin of the map.

While you are taking one of your exercise strolls around the plane, seek this map out as it adds an interesting insight to the journey. We have friends who collect these maps. If you are interested, ask the flight crew.

Of course, some flights feature a real-time display that indicates the position of your aircraft in relationship to the world below. Sometimes, however, that good old paper chart hanging around the cabin seems more than enough information.


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